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9 2017

Old, Odd, Cool and Collectible Cadillac Hood Ornament!!!

1 2017


Old, Odd, Cool and Collectible Carnival Head!

8 2017

Old, Odd, Cool and Collectible Setter!!!

10 2017

Old, Odd, Cool and Collectible Ohio Railroad $5!

2 2017

Old, Odd, Cool and Collectible Junk Art!!!!

3 2017

Old, Odd, Cool and Collectible Advertising Signs!!

6 2017

Old, Odd, Cool and Collectible hand carved double sided head!!

7 2017

Old, Odd, Cool and Collectible Meerschaum pipe!!!

11 banner

Old, Odd, Cool and Collectible Vinyl Records!!








Who we are!!!

WELCOME!!! We hope you will visit often as we are updating frequently with fresh merchandise, information, history of items and events that are happening at the center. We post new items that have come in and research the history of them. Our goal is to educate ourselves and our customers as much as possible. 

Please stop in for a visit and our friendly staff will answer all your questions and help you find that perfect item!!!!


Now, a little about the owners of the shop:

Pat grew up around antiques and collections of all sorts, learning early to appreciate porcelain and wood; form, color, and overall balance. She attended auctions weekly, using babysitting money to purchase what she admired.

Steve was also introduced to antiques at an early age by an aunt who actively bought, sold, and collected country primitives. “She showed me what to look for in different grains of wood and how the construction of a piece and subtle nuances help to determine the maker or time period”. Steve opened his first antique shop at the age of 17.

Pat and Steve met 40 years ago at a 200 year old farmhouse (an antique, of course) and hit it off right away. As a couple they shared an appreciation of art and antiques by collecting American Indian artifacts. With growing understanding of the native culture, the collection also grew. They worked at their respective careers; Steve, a stone mason and Pat, a critical care nurse until retiring to Cape Cod in 1996. Steve continued to work his trade. Pat painted on canvas. Then in 2010 an opportunity opened for them to run the Harwich Antique Center©.

In a leap of faith with an open, honest approach, they took on the failing business. Now after just three years, the antique center is full with 40 quality dealers and assorted consignors. We as a group have been called the Cape’s friendliest and most knowledgeable antique shop by a reader’s poll.


Longtime friend and antique dealer, Peter vanEsselstyn, has recently agreed to join in helping to grow the center’s business. Pete has run his successful antiques business in Harwich for many years and now we join the two into one in the newly formed LLC partnership ARVAAM, still known as Harwich Antique Center©.

Pete’s career path after college followed the growing technology and information fields with concentration in business management consulting. His interests include pre-war furniture to early Americana, particularly Victorian era finely carved furniture. “I also enjoy the creativity found in American adware and the art of our maritime past”.

And the story will continue…….

Christa is our store manager and advertising director – she is always willing to help you with any questions you have. She does all our social networking and website updating, sets up most of our events here at the center, handles our Ebay store and the general operation of the center.

You’ll also find dealers Linda and Ellen here lending a hand at the desk. They are both very knowledgeable and friendly!